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God's faithfulness. -- Author Unknown

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Down! How Many More To Go?

It's completely official. Prasun is ours forever and legally. I just got his finalization decree in the mail. I've been looking for it for weeks. It took I think 4 weeks for Ananya's to come. It took 6 for Prasun's. Not bad considering that the court could have held it for 3 months.
Prasun is now officially Prasun Elijah Phillips.
All the kids are doing well.
Ananya is healing well. She is tolerating some range of motion exercises. She has about 3 1/2 more weeks and she'll probably be able to move around more. We are giving her 2 Ensures a day since she wasn't eating. She is eating some now. She has been doing her other therapies at school. All together, she is getting back to normal.
Prasun is doing awesome. He is walking well in his walker. He is pulling up on the furniture all the time. He is talking non stop. I'll have to get some new video of him next week in his walker. Our big news is that he is going to get a big boy bed on Sunday. I'm going to fix his crib so that it is a toddler bed. He almost fell ou his crib on his head today. He has figured out how to get off a bed without getting hurt so I think it is time. Also, we are preparing for our next blessing and he may be moving into the big boys room. I'm going to put him on the bottom bunk if possible at that time so he needs to move to a toddler bed now.
Anthony is doing good. We are moving along with homeschooling. He just finished reading "A Long Way from Chicago". I got a list of the Battle of the Books for this year and have him reading from that list. I've combined that list with the Book-It program to make my own reading program. He is well learning to speak Japanese. Another thing I need to get on video.
Well, I'll try to add some pictures later today. I was hoping for some nice weather to take "school pictures" but it has been raining so much I haven't gotten it done. Maybe tomorrow or Friday.
Well Happy Fall to everyone. I'll try to post again soon.


ColleenC said...

Congrats! Glad to know that this is the way NC does it and I'm not crazy- it just seemed too easy (I was waiting for a court appt or something when the decree just showed up- we were shocked!) Glad all is going well!!!!

Peter and Nancy said...

Wow! What a great suprise. :o) Congratulations on having the final step completed!

Glad to hear Ananya is doing well!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment and introducing yourself! Your kids are beautiful and I'm so excited to hear that you are adding more to your quiver :)
God bless you!