Trials are not enemies of faith but are opportunities to prove
God's faithfulness. -- Author Unknown

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one
to say 'thank you?' -- William A. Ward

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well. We've been busy. Last week we added the furniture that we needed to finish our homestudy. We had to have all the furniture in the rooms before we sign our paperwork. Our worker is coming next Sunday to do that and our pre-fire inspection. Then we just wait for the fire marshal. We knew that we would need a new van to make all this work. Ananya is getting closer to walking again (or at least crawling around again).
Tonight we got our new van. Or I should say we won it on Ebay. We are now the proud owners of a 12 passenger van. It will fit the kids, the walkers and any lugguage when we travel without tying everything to the top and looking like the Beverly Hillbillies. I'll add some pictures tomorrow of the house and bedrooms. I'll show you the van when we pick it up, hopefully later this week.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Fun

I've got more pictures but I just wanted to add a few tonight.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One Down! How Many More To Go?

It's completely official. Prasun is ours forever and legally. I just got his finalization decree in the mail. I've been looking for it for weeks. It took I think 4 weeks for Ananya's to come. It took 6 for Prasun's. Not bad considering that the court could have held it for 3 months.
Prasun is now officially Prasun Elijah Phillips.
All the kids are doing well.
Ananya is healing well. She is tolerating some range of motion exercises. She has about 3 1/2 more weeks and she'll probably be able to move around more. We are giving her 2 Ensures a day since she wasn't eating. She is eating some now. She has been doing her other therapies at school. All together, she is getting back to normal.
Prasun is doing awesome. He is walking well in his walker. He is pulling up on the furniture all the time. He is talking non stop. I'll have to get some new video of him next week in his walker. Our big news is that he is going to get a big boy bed on Sunday. I'm going to fix his crib so that it is a toddler bed. He almost fell ou his crib on his head today. He has figured out how to get off a bed without getting hurt so I think it is time. Also, we are preparing for our next blessing and he may be moving into the big boys room. I'm going to put him on the bottom bunk if possible at that time so he needs to move to a toddler bed now.
Anthony is doing good. We are moving along with homeschooling. He just finished reading "A Long Way from Chicago". I got a list of the Battle of the Books for this year and have him reading from that list. I've combined that list with the Book-It program to make my own reading program. He is well learning to speak Japanese. Another thing I need to get on video.
Well, I'll try to add some pictures later today. I was hoping for some nice weather to take "school pictures" but it has been raining so much I haven't gotten it done. Maybe tomorrow or Friday.
Well Happy Fall to everyone. I'll try to post again soon.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I found this video on Courtney's blog as well as on His Hands His Feet and had to post it on my blog.
I don't think that alot of people outside of the adoption community understand something. Personally for my family, we would questionably take a child if it would prevent an ab*rtion. I think this is true of alot of families. I have always thought that you never know what a child will become (what God's will is for that person), and so it is dangerous to take away the opportunity for them to grow up and reach that potential.
It breaks my heart to watch this video because no child should every thank their parents for their life. For sacrificing to raise them, but not for their life. Children are such a blessing from God.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 Little Stories

First, I'm trying to make homemade laundry soap. It has to sit over night so I'll let you know tomorrow if it works. I have to find castile soap and tea tree oil before I can start making more cleaning stuff.
Secondly, while I was making homemade pizza for dinner, I could hear the cutest conversation. Prasun was sitting next to Ananya saying "Its ok baby. Its ok." He was rubbing her head and repeating it. It was the cutest thing.

How Do You Define Yourself?

When someone asks me what I do, they probably get a very long answer.
Yeah, I'm a nurse. Any more the main reason for that is so that I can talk to doctors about my children. It's come in handy. I go to work to support my family. I don't get an opportunity to go to church because of the days that I work. I work my days so that I can say home with my kids. It's where I need to be. It's where I love to be. Going to work reinforces my need to be at home.
I also tell people that I stay home with my kids. I'm not a nurse. I'm a wife, a mother, and a homemaker. Those are my favorite. I homeschool because I love having the kids with me. I love being able to teach my kids (right now just Anthony) how to cook and bake. I'm looking forward to all the other lessons I can teach throughout the years.
I'm a homemaker. That doesn't mean that I clean my house. I try to but little people keep eating, wearing clothes, tracking dirt, and playing. That means I have to clean again. It's gotten better since Flylady, but we are still working on it. I found an article today on the website Ordinary Time . I just love what the author says about homemaking.
"And I do more than just clean and wipe noses. I have many gifts and talents that I make use of during my days and weeks. Women who fall into the "just a mother" trap don't seem to realize that they can exercise their gifts and talents as a compliment to being a mother. Just look at the woman described in Proverbs 31, it makes me tired just to read about all she accomplished. But I think one reason some women find it difficult to suddenly being at home is that no one has ever trained or taught them to be at home. These women go from full-time jobs, where much of their time is prescribed for them, many with a boss to whom they must answer, and a set job description... to being in a place where none of this exists. As a homemaker, I am responsible for organizing my days, deciding what must be done, what my budget is, and determining if I am doing a good job. If I want contact with other people, I must arrange it; there is no ready-made group of people to socialize with. I must be OK with being alone at least some of the time. (As well as never really being alone, given the many small people....) It is a totally different lifestyle and we act as if women automatically know how to make it work."
I wasn't raised like this. My mother still doesn't understand why I don't just send my kids to school and work more. We could buy more stuff. I hate stuff. It robs me of joy. It robs me of the gift of being able to give to others. Its selfish and unnecessary for the most part. I wish I knew how to make jelly, pickles, and beets (oh how I love canned beets). I wish I knew how to "put stuff up". I can freeze stuff with the best of them. I have never canned though. I unfortunately didn't get around to it this year. Maybe next year.
I love the part where she talks about not having ready-made socialization. It answers a quesion for me. How do adults socialize? If you own your own business and don't live near family, who do you socialize with? What if your coworkers are nothing like you or don't share your values? How do you find friends as a adult? By homeschooling, I hope I'm teaching my children this skill. They will hopefully learn to live in a world where they seek others like them. They will find friends who have their values. Its important.
So I ask. How do you define yourself? What is your answer to the question "What do you do?" Do you admit to worshipping the One True God? Do you confess to being a wife? Are your children part of your identity?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pretty Good Day

We've had a pretty good day. Ananya was laughing and playing this morning. She got balloons from her Papaw and Paula. It was the perfect gesture for her. She loves balloons. She got a hold of the string and was shaking them for at least 45 minutes. She also talked to a few people on the phone today. She ate a good breakfast and a good lunch. About 4:30 the bottom fell out. She started crying and was almost inconsolable for a good hour and a half. She finally got completely calmed down about 6:30 and is enjoying Max and Ruby at the present moment. I hope she gets some rest tonight and has a good day tomorrow as we are supposed to go home. Thanks for all the messages and prayers. This hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are Settling

Hi all. Sorry no follow up post yesterday. Ananya is settled into her room and doing well. She is having some issues with anxiety or rotten or pain. She has an epidural right now so I'm not sure its pain. She started screaming yesterday when the nurse looked at her. It took 15-20 minutes to get her calmed back down. I got a little nap last night before Patrick went to sleep. I'm really tired now. I gave up trying to sleep though. We are watching the Dora Super Babies DVD. I was hoping it would calm her. She is laying next to me grinding her teeth so I am probably going to ask them to give her something. Its going to be a long few days. I'll try to keep everyone updated.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finished with Classes

We finished our foster care classes on Thursday. Just in time for Ananya's surgery. I have to say that was about the most stressful 5 weeks I've had in a while. We had to be in Charlotte on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 5 weeks. We had to find a babysitter for 10 days. We had to leave home between 4:30 and 4:45 (0ne day I left at 3:45 and we were still late) and we didn't get home until at least 11:00. It was hard to do homeschool, therapy, or any kind of cleaning in general. I've been so tired.
It was a good experience though. We are very excited to be working with Another Choice for Black Children. They specialize in hard to place foster children ages 8 and up and sibling groups. They have been doing this for a while and are well known and well respected in the field. The biggest sticking point for me has been that they offer post placement services. They say that we are becoming part of their FAMILY and so when we have problems, they are there. They have a monthly kids night-out, mom and dad's groups. They also do outreach work. I'm excited that they will be helping us find our next children.
The classes are good. It was alot of things that I've covered in the process up to this point. I've done my research and had a general gist of the process. I don't think that they realized that I do know what I'm doing and don't take this lightly. I also don't think that they realize our commitment to our children. It was a lot for us to find a babysitter for those 10 days. We normally just don't go places that we can't take our children.
Now we are waiting for our packet. We have to do the medical form (about the only time my family doctor sees me is to fill out a medical form for an adoption). Then we can start with the homestudy and fire inspection. Once the state certifies us, then we will be ready to take a placement at anytime. Of course, we have been on the AdoptUSKids website looking already and will be ready to get information as soon as we are cleared.
I'm so excited to be taking this journey again.
We are looking at children mainly 5-11 years old, possibly a sibling group, with no regard to their age or sex. We will probably end up with at least a boy that is close to Anthony in age. We are also looking for a bigger van.

Surgery Day

Hi all.
We are sitting in the hospital this morning waiting for Ananya to get done in surgery. Our date got bumped back from Thursday to today. Bright and early we got to the hospital.
The doctor said the procedure will take about 4 hours. I don't know how parents do this. Patrick and I both only got about 1 1/2 hours of sleep last night. We are expecting a 3 day hospital stay. Guess its a good thing I don't mind being in a hospital.
I'll keep everyone updated.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Haven't had alot of time to post as we have been so busy. We are half way done with our foster care classes. Ananya has her pre-op appointment on Wednesday. So her surgery is nearing. Patrick and I are very nervous as it is a big surgery. Our family has never experienced anything like this. Any one who feels lead to pray for us and our precious little girl her surgery is on September 17th.
I've been doing alot of praying lately myself. I know that God has our children picked for us before we even think about it. I always feel lead to pray for our kids before they are ours. I started several years ago while waiting for Ananya. Just a couple of days before we saw her I wrote a letter to my future daughter. I always ask that God simply put our family into these childrens' hearts before we meet so that it will ease their transition with us. I know it will be a hard road even without knowing their past.
I've been thinking of birth parents lately. Ananya and Prasun will most likely never know their birth parents. Our new children will. How to balance a house with so many kids with different stories is something to think about. Adding another culture to our house will be interesting.
I have alot of thoughts lately about foster care and public schools. We are going to have to send any new kids to school until the adoption is finalized. I can't think of a worse time in their life for that. I think that being at home with me and Anthony, Ananya, and Prasun would be a great bonding experience. I could give them individual attention to advance their skills. I could work on their social skills in a positive way. I don't know. I think MY School rocks. It will be way more interesting once enrollment picks up. HEHE.
I always worry about how our kids are going to react to us. Now that we have 3, I worry about how they will react to each other. I worry about if I'm making the right decisions, about discipline, about medical stuff, about homeschooling. Pretty much everything. I just don't want to screw my kids up too badly. Mostly I feel like we are doing pretty good. My kids don't embarrass me too much in public with bad behavior. We have alot of fun. They seem really happy. But there isn't really a way to judge how you are doing raising your children until its done.
I wish I didn't lose my temper so often. I wish I could do more everyday. I wish I was more organized.
By our best effort and God's Grace, we will get the job done that God has put in front of us. It's kind of like a good book to me. I can't wait to see the ending.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hope we can do some more fishing this fall. Wish I could go kayaking. I'm gonna have to wait until the kids are bigger. It goes right on the list with running. One day God willing all of my children will be up and moving on their own and I'll have older kids that can babysit so I can have a hobby or 2. Patrick just works very hard and I hate to take time away from being with him and just dump the kids so I can do what I want to.

Around our house, we started school alittle early. Last week actually. I'm starting slowly. Not the normal, one day no school, the next all of it. Last week about the only thing we did was math. I have Anthony finishing up the book from last year. It's some angles, areas and perimeters. We are also reviewing decimals and things. I just think he needed alittle more review.
This week I am adding reading and Japanese to the math lessons. I've also turned the TV off again. It helps Anthony concentrate and the little ones can amuse themselves otherwise. Next week we will add journaling and spelling. Then I'll add the rest of the stuff.
My goal is to try and come up with a schedule that will work. Trying to work in housework, Anthony's school, therapy for the little ones, and trying to start doing more preschool with the little ones has me stumped. I've spent the last 2 years trying to figure out how to homeschool. I jumped in quickly and then had to figure out what to do next. I have managed to teach Anthony something apparently. Every year he takes the California Achievement Test. Last year, I got results but had no comparison from previous years. This year I could see where he was strong and where he was weak. No surprises. He did really well.
I made a list of field trips. I printed out the soccer schedule for the college in town so we can go to their games. I got Anthony registered for soccer. I found a church we may go to on Wednesday nights. I figure out how to start with Ananya and Prasun. I'm going to teach them the alphabet. I think we are going to learn 2-3 new letters a week. I've got to make some photo pages for each letter. I've got some library books for each letter. I'm pushing the limits some by picking books about ants and clucking cows. Just some words that start with those letters.
I found a great Bible for Anthony. I would recommend it for anyone with boys. It is a graphic bible and reads like a comic book. He read like 30 pages today. Its amazing. It is called Good and Evil: The Bible as a Graphic Novel. I found it here.
I'm excited this year about what we can do. I have alot of things going on. We start our foster care adoption classes tomorrow night. I'm super excited. Anthony will love having another brother or sister, hopefully.
Well, its my bedtime. I've got things to do tomorrow. I'm waiting for Fedex and the mailman as I've ordered things online and am waiting for 3 more deliveries. I love getting mail. I had to order a new Iphone. Mine fell in my Kool-Aid and won't work. I'm addicted to my phone and have been hating Patrick's old one.
Anyways. I really have to go. I'll try to get some new pictures of the kids soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Video

I got some video of Prasun singing.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Here lately, I've been so busy mentally and physically. With summer upon us for several weeks now, we are finding a new normal routine. No more therapy at school everyday. I don't have to crawl out of bed and I'm taking advantage of it. August will come all too soon and it will be back to therapy.
Prasun finally got to see the orthopedic doctor and neurologist. He had his first round of botox and got to wear casts for 2 weeks. He had to learn how to crawl all over again. Actually he is still learning to move around again. I'm so happy to see the muscles that were so tight be loose now. We are trying to make the most of the time we have until the botox wears off. We also aren't doing new injections until January so that gives us time.
I've been trying to figure out where to get physical therapy for both of the kids this summer and it isn't working so well. 6 weeks and we haven't had a formal therapy session. I'm trying to make some schedule commitments to the kids so I'm doing the therapy on a regular basis. We do various things all day, but I need to be more consisitent. I want to show the school that I can do alot if left to my own devices. I feel the need to prove that I can homeschool the little ones. We'll see how it goes over the summer.
Prasun's language skills are definitely going great. He is using 3-4 word sentences at times. He has just started to call himself "Prasun". Yesterday he called himself "Prasun Elijah". He can answer some questions. I'm amazed at how much he picks up. He is watching Dora and Diego alittle now. I am almost encouraging it because he is repeating things. Once school starts again the TV will be off all day.
Ananya is starting to talk alittle. She will say momma, dada, Anthony, I Love You, and Pepsi. She is repeating signs we show her alot more. She is doing well in her walker, even walked into the doctor's office the other day. She did moderately well. Her problem is she wants to stop and talk to all the people she passes.
Ananya is scheduled for hip surgery September 17th. She will be in the hospital for about 3 days and will be in a cast for about 6 weeks. That ought to be a fun experience, sigh :*(. I hope it goes well for her. We'll be by her side the whole time, so Mom and Dad will do our best to make it ok.
The day of her surgery is our last day of foster care classes.
This is what has held my mind most lately. We have decide to start another adoption and will be adopting an older child (children) from foster care. I've found a great agency that places high risk children. We are looking for 1 or 2 children from 5 to 10 or 11. One of them definitely over 8. I have felt a huge burden lately to pray for the children God has for us. I just feel like something is happening in their life right now and they need some extra prayer. Time will tell how this will work out. In the mean time, I'm about driving myself crazy making plans without any real information.
I'm planning (so far in my head) for homeschool next year. I'm trying to think of new and interesting ways to teach Anthony. What field trips we will go on. New ways to teach writing skills. I'm thinking I'm going to increase the amount of reading we do as well as journaling. I think I'll use a combination of assignments and free writing. I also need to be more strict about getting the Spanish lessons done. We may switch to Japanese after his birthday as well.
Anthony had a week of Soccer camp. I was very pleased with how it was run. I was going to send him for the second week but he hurt his wrist Thursday, missed the last day Friday, and we went to Urgent care to make sure he didn't break his arm. All is well now and I'm hoping he can go both weeks next year. Any plans for next summer now include, will I be sending 2 or maybe 3 next year.
I'm also looking for a new van. Maybe not immediately, but we will need a new one. I'm looking at 9 passenger conversion vans. I'm just looking right now and expecting to buy late this year maybe early next year. Patrick wants a big van right now. I'm being patient. The right van will appear at the right time. In the meantime, I'm drooling over pictures on Ebay of these vans.
Anyways, I'm going to get my day started for real. I'm going to take the kids swimming today for a little while. I bought some floaties that they can sit in so I can manage 2 at 1 time. We haven't gone swimming yet. Well Prasun hasn't because Patrick took them to Grandma's and he had casts on still. He got to play with Grandma while Ananya was in the pool.
I'll try to drop by later. I think I have some thoughts on non verbal children (or those with severe language delays) as well as some thoughts about special needs families going out. I hope it will come out later today.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ananya on the carousel.

Prasun riding the horse.

Prasun before his botox.

One last look at his adorable feet.

He was happy until they picked him up to take him back to the operating room. Then the screaming began. He got some good rest. Some extra love from mom, dad, Grammy and his Papaw afterwards and went to Carowinds the next day. Now all he keeps talking about is Dr. Kat is going to take his shoes off. Next Tuesday we get the casts cut off and new ones put on.

It took a minute for me to figure out what the shiny thing is in the corn plants. It's water. Pretty.

Soon to be eggplant.
A little baby eggplant. I'm super excited.
Our squash plant is giving us so much. I just love the flowers. They are so pretty.

Ananya deciding to stand all by herself. She only will do things when she wants to. She was holding on so well. She stood there for more than 5 minutes watching Anthony go on the bumper cars.

Anthony on a rollercoaster

He is getting so big and so handsome.

This is a look I get alot. Whatever Mom.

Mostly smiles. Getting big.

The first ride of the day.
We have been so busy. Most days I don't remember what we did. We have finished the school year for the little kids. No more therapy until I get the insurance company settled and get them started with private therapy. It is a huge nightmare.
Prasun had his first round of botox done on the 3rd. He also got his feet casted. We ended up canceling our vacation. I was alittle bummed but I know that he needs this so much. He will get his casts changed every 2 weeks until his feet have a good postition. By taking away the tightness in his legs, we inadvertently took most of his strength. He is learning to crawl all over again. I'm happy that he is learning to use some much neglected muscles. I know in a few months he will be doing good again. We have to be patient and help push him with lots of activities.
He is using 2 and 3 word sentences now. Can match shapes and colors. Can identify 4 or 5 different colors. He know most of his body parts. He also can identify several animals and know the sounds they make.
Ananya is blossoming. She is using more signs. She can identify colors and animals. Can make a few animal noises. She is saying a few words. Mostly just me and Patrick understand them, but it is a huge step. She is doing very well in her walker. The one problem is that she loves to go down hills. She smiles and laughs the entire time.
Anthony is doing well. He has soccer camp next week. We have decided to continue homeschooling. It is by no means the easy choice for me, but I love having him home and all the things we can do together because of it. We took a trip to Carowinds (the amusement park) for a field trip. I got a great deal on discount tickets. Anthony got to meet other homeschoolers and had a great time. The only ride the little kids could go on was the carousel. They liked it though.
Well I have to run. I'm going to try not to be a stranger.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What We Have Been Up To...

Nothing special.
The kids are doing good. The little ones are showing us how fast they can learn. Ananya is doing well walking in her walker. Prasun never stops talking. I do mean never. The child is singing right now. I'm not sure what the words are but he is singing. Patrick has taught him to make songs up. It's really cute.
Ananya goes for her 4 year check up on Thursday. I'm can tell you what they will say. Head circumference less than 3%, weight less than 3%, height less than 3%. Overall health very good. Developmental milestones severely delayed. I'll get to see if she has gained any more weight. I'm guessing they may refer me to a dietician. If hey try to label her failure to thrive I'm going to laugh. She hasn't gained much weight but she did have a growth spurt a few months ago and got taller. She is starting to try to talk and will sit in the floor "reading" a book.
Friday Prasun goes to see Ananya's orthopeadic doctor. I'm excited. I'm hoping she will decide to do something other than just watch him. We have been doing PT since December. She has done really well with Ananya and I like her so I'm hoping it works out well.
Anthony is doing good. I've made some changes at home that impact how effective we are at homeschool. I've gotten a commitment for 1 more year of homeschooling. Anthony is enjoying what we started working on last week so hopefully it will go well from this point.
I haven't talked much about homeschooling here. I may have to do more talking about it. I really have developed a passion for it. I'm planning on homeschooling the rest of our kids. Poor Anthony gets that curse of all the oldest kids. He experiences all of our screw ups. We do so many things wrong and of course it is always to or with him. I've definitely changed as a parent since we started homeschool. I found yesterday that Patrick is a way better preschool teacher than I am. I'm guessing that he may be the one that teaches Ananya to read. I'll be teaching Prasun. The boy doesn't sit still for 5 minutes if you want him to. He wouldn't sit to play on the computer yesterday, but I put him in the floor with some books and they held his attention for 10-15 minutes.
Well I've got to go. I'll attach some pictures and talk to all of you later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Can I Tell You a Secret?

Lean close.

I hate bath time.
There I said it. I really hate giving the little kids a bath. I will do a thousand loads of laundry and dishes and even change diapers, but I hate putting the kids in the bath.
The sad thing is it isn't the mess. I don't mind the water everywhere. If left alone, it dries. I don't have to clean it up.
I just hate sitting here while they play. It sucks away my joy. They like to lay down. But only 1 lays down at a time. The other one is splashing water on the other. I don't want anyone to get hurt. They inhale the water. Their newest thing is to drink the water. Right out of the cups they play with.
Right now I'm trying to figure out why I get so stressed about them playing in the tub. Its not that bad. Today Prasun keeps petting Ananya's hair and telling her she is a pretty girl. Ananya looks at Prasun and just starts laughing. Then Prasun gets the giggles and they are both just rolling.
I wish I could be joyful about this one task. I really wish it was fun for me.
That's my big confession. I hate bath time and will bribe Patrick to do it given half a chance.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I wanted to wish all of my friends Happy Mothers Day.
I found this and thought it was fitting. It reminds me that this too shall pass.

The Stages of Motherhood
4 years of Age- My Mommy can do anything.
8 Years of Age- My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot.
12 Years of Age- My Mother doesn't really know quite everything.
14 Years of Age- Naturally, Mother doesn't know that, either.
16 Years of Age- Mother? She's hopelessly old-fashioned
18 Years of Age- That old woman? She's way out of date.
25 Years of Age- Well, she might know a little bit about it.
35 Years of Age- Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion.
45 Years of Age- Wonder what Mom would have thought about it.
65 Years of Age- Wish I could talk it over with Mom.
-Author Unknown
This reminds me that all of our daily struggles will pass. Eventually my son will remember I'm not stupid. Eventually, my little ones won't say "Mom, Mom" ALL day long. But then they will think I'm dumb and then eventually they will come back again.
Hope you all have a great day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ANANYA CAN WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ananya finally got it today. She walked all by herself in her walker for the first time. I just had to post the video.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Pictures

Nothing makes me appreciate a nice, sunny day like my kids. I love taking pictures of them outside when its beautiful. Today was kind of cold though so I put the kids in sweaters and got their cute hats out to cut down on the wind.

Ananya is growing so much. She likes having her picture taken.
It is hilarious the faces that she makes.
Enough with the hat mom.
The start of our garden. I hoping for lots of fresh vegetables this year.
The trees are in bloom and I've been dying to get a pretty flower picture.
He is such a ham. Always making the funniest faces. Although this face is usually followed by a growl.
I just love that smile.
I'm not sure that it feels real yet. He's all ours.
Got to love that face.

Again with the garden. Blogger won't let me delete it.
His new AFO's. He loves them and cries if you take them off.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Sorry guys.
I tried to change my template and I didn't realize it hide all the words.
I think its fixed now.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What is Wrong with People?

I had a disturbing experience this morning. Actually, it has seemed that for weeks everyone has wanted to be rude to me, but this took the cake.
I went to drop Ananya off for physical therapy this morning at the elementary school like normal. Now I like this school. We have dealt with them for a year now and I've had very good experiences. All the teachers are wonderful. When I got there, there were posters on the doors. One said "Royal Spanks Pirates 4-3-09". Another said "Pirates will walk the plank". The 3rd was the most disturbing. It was a picture of a basketball court. There was an arrow to the hoop. It said things like "this is where the ball goes" and "you should take a hint". The elementary schools in this area run sports teams for Mighty Might/Little League kind of thing. Any one see why I'm disturbed?
We had this conversation in my house not too many weeks ago. Losing a Little League game doesn't make you a "Loser". The purpose is to have fun. I'm not talking like one of the huggy-kissy people that thinks everyone is a winner. I'm saying someone wins, someone loses. That is competition. (Incorrect sentence stucture here.) BUT, in elementary school, Winning isn't the sole purpose of the game. Hard work, commitment, good sportsmanship. Those are important things. You should always be a gracious winner and a gracious loser. Tell the other team they played a good game. Shake hands. Do not boast if you win. Do not sulk if you lose. It's impolite and just plain annoying. These are all the lessons I want my son to learn from playing soccer at the school. This is what all the kids should learn.
Cheating. Thats what happens when the sole purpose of the game is winning. Some one is taught that the only way you aren't a "Loser" is if you win. They get the bright idea to find away around the rules to win. It could be as small as one kid tripping another kid on purpose. It could be as big as a Congressional hearing over steriod use in professional baseball. That is not what I think sports should be about. For kids, I'm afraid it sets the precident that you do anything to win. That follows them through life. Its ok to spread rumors about others for your benefit. It ok to take credit for an idea that wasn't yours. If you make it to the top then you are the "Winner".
The most disturbing part of the entire situation is the fact that the posters were not put up by just the kids. Elementary school children can not drive. They can not get to another school without someone driving them. I'm going to assume a parent was involved in this. That is what I don't understand. This isn't kids being kids. This is adults being children. That annoys me. I can't believe that an adult would put such things up at an elementary school.
I wanted to take pictures of the signs but someone finally used the sense God gave them and took the things down when I went back to drop Prasun off. I am disturbed that the 1st person to the school this morning did not take them down. I can not see any good in having the signs up. They should have been taken down immediately. Well, they should not have been put up to start with.
That is my soap box for the day. I mean seriously people.
By the way. I'm thinking of getting business cards made. I think I'll put on them "I'm sorry. I'm not perfect." How does that sound. I do a million things a day (I'm sure there are alot of people in similar positions), someone should forgive me for not doing everything perfectly or for occasionally forgetting something.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is the first year. You are 4 and this is the first year you have celebrated a birthday with your family. God has had an awesome plan for you since your birth. You are a special boy. You are my special boy.
I can't believe you are 4. You have been with us for only 4 1/2 months. It seems like so much longer. I can't believe how you've changed. I can't wait to see how you continue to change. How you grow into yourself.
In less than 5 months, you understand English. You speak English. It is amazing. It seems like everyday you learn a new word. How can I resist picking you up when you say "Hunnee" in that sweet voice.
You are amazing. When Ananya is upset, you constantly ask me "Ananya, Ananya?" You want to make sure your sister is ok. You crawl up and grab my leg and hug me. In 4 short months, you have learned to look at me and melt my heart with 2 words, "love you." You give them without thought or prompting.
You are such a good brother to Ananya. You love to play with her. I'm not sure 2 of you would know what to do without each other anymore. I love to watch you wrestle with her.
I am so happy to have you. I was overwhelmed to meet you in India again. You had grown so much in the 18 months we were apart. You went from a baby to a big boy. My big boy.
You amaze me. You pick up on things in an instant. You reflect my facial expressions that I didn't know that I made. You repeat my words. I hope I can lead you to be a great person. I will always be here. Waiting to witness your next accomplishment.
I love you.
Happy Birthday.
Love Mommy (or as you have started calling me "Jo").

My First Born

Eleven years ago I could not have imagined today. My baby is 11. Today I heard you say the word "puberty". I can't believe it.
We have had a busy 11 years. You have always been my patient child. You have always just rolled with the punches and gone right along. Even with the most insanity, you just kept going.
You have this love for everything. You are kind to everyone you meet. You love animals. You amaze me.
I have watched you bond with your sister and I'm amazed. You have this huge bond with Ananya. I know that she will always be safe with you. You look after her and always are willing to give her a few minutes to play. I have watched you love her from the moment she came to us in the orphanage.
I have watched you develop a bond with your brother. I have seen it being more difficult, but know the entire situation has been different. It may have been different if you were in India with me to meet him. I see you care for him and love to watch you play with him.
I have watched you adjust from being an only child to being a sibling and big brother. I have watched as you have learned to share everyone in your life. I have watched you give the spotlight to your sister and then your brother.
I have tortured you with 2 years of homeschool. I hope I have taught you something. I do see you growing. Becoming more responsible. I have enjoyed the time we have had together more than you will ever know. I love having you with me everyday.
I love you. You were my first baby and always will be. I have enjoyed ever moment you have been in my life. I can't wait to see what the next 11 years will bring. I hope I can continue to show you the world. I see you changing the world. I hope I can help you.
You are my baby. I love you.
Happy 11th Birthday!
Love Mom

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Update

I haven't posted in forever and thought it was time for an update.
I have not had time lately to sit down and write anything in forever. I wish I could blog more but some days I don't feel like I have time to think let alone write. We have been very busy. I think the count was 14 doctors appointments in 8 weeks. We have increased our therapy schedule with the school, so we are there everyday. I have the last 2 appointments this week and then Ananya has botox next Friday. I actually had to add a couple appointments for dental cleanings. I'm almost done though. April and May are looking kind of empty. I'm so happy. After the warm weather last week, I want some time to just run around outside with the kids. I've figured out how to give Anthony extra soccer practice time and the little kids can practice walking. I take them to a park nearby and lock ourselves in the tennis courts. Me and Anthony run and chase the soccer ball and the little kids have plenty of room to walk in their walkers.
We had a visit from Grammy and Pap-paw a couple weeks ago. It was very nice to get to see them. I hope maybe I can get to PA for a couple days this summer. We had a little party to celebrate birthdays. I thought cake was a great idea since all the kids have birthdays within a month.
Anthony is doing well. He is playing indoor soccer and enjoying it. I hate that he has Saturday games because I have to work and haven't gone. I go to most of his practices. Its not really the same though. I can't wait to not have to work every weekend. It will be a few years though. I need to be at home during the week. The arrangement works for now. We are still home schooling and are planning to send him back to private school next year. I don't know how he is going to handle the early mornings, but I guess he'll have to adjust. He has never been a morning person.
Ananya is doing so awesome. She has come out of her shell. We just past the marker for her being home as long as she was in the orphanage. It really did make a difference. She took one look at her Pap-paw and wanted him to pick her up. She doesn't fight any of the therapists. We even changed 2 of the therapists and she hasn't had any issues. She is starting to talk some. Mama, Dada, and she sings the SpongeBob song. It is too cute. She is drinking out of a sippy cup, trying to feed herself more, and chewing more often. She is just so cute and stubborn. I can't believe she is 4 already. I love having her home with me all day.
Prasun is doing very well. He has a good vocabulary. He doesn't revert to what we think is Bengali, which is sad, very often. He is putting 2 words together and can tell you what he wants alot. He likes all the therapist and playing in his walker. He and Ananya stayed at my MIL's this weekend because P had to go out of town. Yesterday he woke up with this look on his face. I immediately knew it was too soon. I messed up. He was just like he was in India. Wouldn't sit up and he threw up. He was in and out of it. He didn't want to work with the therapists. I'm hoping today is better. He seemed fine last night. I'm so glad I'm home all week with them. I know that will help him. He is so funny though. He doesn't like to stay home. He has adjusted so well to all our appointments. He tries to tell P all weekend that he needs to go bye, bye. It feels like he has been here with us forever.
I've been struggling lately. There is just so much to do everyday. It wears me out. I can't get everything done. I hoping its just a mood that I'll snap out of soon. I can't find the right person to vent to. Everyone keeps telling me that I have so much on my plate and that they don't know how I do it. I realized yesterday that I'm looking for someone to just tell me that I'm whining and that I need to quit. I need someone to tell me its not that bad. It really isn't. I just wish there were 2 of me so I could do more of what I want to do and not what I have to do. There. I said it. I'm selfish and want to do whatever I want. I know everyone has these thoughts. I'm very blessed to have a husband that will let me lock myself in our room some nights for a few hours.
Well I have to go. I haven't gotten the kids up and its 9:30. They aren't making noise so I thought I would finish. We are all doing well. My house is a mess. I'm hoping I get to it today. If not, it will be there tomorrow (and the next day). I'll try to post a few pictures and the video of the cake eating later today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Letter to Ananya

My Dear, Sweet Ananya,
Two years have flown by. Two years ago we were united as a family of 4. I can't believe how the time has flown by. It seems like you have been with us forever.
The last 2 years have been filled with some of the happiest, the most stressful, the scariest moments of my life.
I've watched you grow from this little baby to this little girl. I've seen you change from a child who can't crawl to a girl that can do anything. I've seen you learn to crawl and try to walk. I've watched you learn signs and then refuse to use them.
I've never been as scared as the times you've had botox. I dread those days. You, however, are fine. You are such a brave girl. You get IVs and never flinch.
Today we celebrated your 4th birthday.
Happy Birthday Princess!
I hope that today was good for you. I hope everyday is good for you. You amaze me on a daily basis. I can't imagine my life without your smile. Always remember you are a strong girl. You can do anything. Your daddy and I will never stop to get you what you need. You can always lean on us and your brothers. We are a family.
I can't thank your birthmother enough. She made a brave decision. To give you a chance with a new family was brave. I'm so thankful we are blessed to be your family. I wish I could tell Rina what a wonderful child you are. I know she is a beautiful woman to have such a beautiful daughter. Your strength started with your birthmother.
Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl.