Trials are not enemies of faith but are opportunities to prove
God's faithfulness. -- Author Unknown

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one
to say 'thank you?' -- William A. Ward

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is a BIG day at our house. Today we are celebrating 2 important birthdays. Anthony is 10. I just can't figure out where all the years went. I can remember being in labor and walking the halls today 10 years ago. I can't believe my boy is getting so big. He is definitely not my baby anymore. I'm so proud of him. He has become a great young man in the last year. He is such a great brother. He looks after Ananya and will just sit down to play with her. He is looking forward to getting a brother soon and has a list of things to teach Prasun. He even requested to share a room with him. I could not be a more proud mom today.

Today is also Prasun's Birthday. He is turning 3 in India with the Ayahs that love him dearly.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NOC and a video

We got NOC for Prasun today. That means traveling is one step closer. We are so happy. I got this video last night of Ananya. She goes through these phases where she likes to lay on her back and play. She has started rolling over gymnastics style to get there. She is such a hoot. Please forgive the mess. She also likes to play with newspaper.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Workout

I got my butt handed to me today. Now that it's offically spring, I've had to mow the grass. Just to let everyone, I'm personally a fan of asphalt. I hate mowing the grass (mostly). Today, my workout was 80 minutes long. Thanks to my wonderful new heartrate monitor that I got here, I know that I burned 842 calories. I took pictures of the yard not to show everyone what a good job I did, but to show you why I hate mowing grass. See that hill. It kicks my butt everytime. The section with all the bushes almost takes as long as the rest of that section and its only a third of the space. But now the yard is all nice and pretty. Wish I had some flowers to add color, but they cost money and die so I'll invest in other things this year. Maybe next year though. I promise to add some pictures of the kids Sunday or Monday.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My Homeschooling Spirit has been Renewed.

I often get questioned about how Anthony socializes. I don't think that school has anything to do with socializing. Anyone remember "Silent Lunch". I found an article that spoke about this issue. Here is a brief part of the article.
"As a society full of people whose childhood's were spent waiting anxiously for recess time, and trying desperately to "socialize" with the kids in class; It is often difficult for people to have an image of a child whose social life is NOT based on school buddies. Do you ever remember sitting in class, and wanting desperately to speak to your friend? It's kinda hard to concentrate on the lessons when you're bouncing around trying not to talk. Have you ever had a teacher who rearranged the seats every now and then, to prevent talking, splitting up friends and "talking corners". Were you ever caught passing notes in class?"
Read the full article here.
I thought the article was right on. I post more pictures of the kids later this week.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm Gonna Need a Bigger Bucket

My exact thought was "If I have to keep using the well, I'm gonna need a bigger bucket."
It's not as bad as it sounds. My kitchen sink broke the other day. Well, we've been busy and just haven't gotten it fixed yet. My biggest pet peeve is my kitchen being dirty, it irritates me so much. I just hate to have a messy kitchen and clean it every day. So Friday afternoon, I made some broccoli, potato and cheese soup. With my broke sink I didn't have time, I didn't have time to clean up. Well today, I got up and decided I had to do the dishes. I got my biggest stock pot and got hot water from the bathtub. WELL, 5 trips later I had both sides of the sink full of water. Half way through, I thought. Boy if this sink doesn't get fixed soon, I definitely need a bigger bucket to haul the water from the well.
I just thought I'd share my dumb ideas with everyone.
I'll post more later.