Trials are not enemies of faith but are opportunities to prove
God's faithfulness. -- Author Unknown

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one
to say 'thank you?' -- William A. Ward

Friday, May 25, 2012

We Left 2 Babies Behind...

Patrick and I both enjoyed spending time at the orphanage.  We really did.  The kids were great.  I got to hold some babies.  Always a favorite past time of mine.  I'd spend my life holding babies if I could.
The first day we were there, Patrick found a little boy all by himself in the play room.  He was just sitting there. No toys.  No friends.  Just sitting there.  Patrick sat down with him.
We found out that this cutie's name is N.  He stole Patrick's heart.
You see N is 9 years old and he has cerebral palsy.  He has tight muscles like Prasun and decreased use of his arms and problems speaking like Ananya.  He is just like our kids.  He could be our kids if God hadn't brought them into our family.

The thing about N is that you can see a GLOW in his eyes when you talk to him.  He listens and just eats it all up.
We learned that N doesn't go to school.  You see, in India there aren't laws that mandate an education for disabled children like in the US.  N also hasn't been getting the therapy that he needs.  I'm not entirely sure why.  I'm guessing that cost is the issue.  N is an orphan and doesn't have a mom and dad to fight for him. N lives in a country where there isn't an early intervention program.
N is precious to our family.  We want to help him.
The second day we were at the orphanage, I found a little baby (or so I thought) biting her arm.  I went to her because I couldn't not stop her.  She had cloth tied over her forearms.  It was apparent that the staff was trying to keep her from hurting herself.  I adjusted her "sleeves" and talked to her for a few minutes.  Then I went to find Varsha.  I was standing in the doorway of the nursery.  This precious girl could see me down the hall and started crying.  Well, I did what any momma would do.  I went and scooped her up.  She snuggled right into my arms.  She quit biting herself.  Immediately.

I found out that this precious girl was found and brought to the orphanage by the police 2 years ago.  They said at that time she was 4 years old.  She weighed about 7kg at that time (let me convert that for you that is 15.4 POUNDS).  Now Ananya weighed a little more than that when she came home at 2 years old. She was underweight.  This little girl now weighs close to 14 kg (about 30 pounds).  She was severely malnourished.  They told me she was severely mentally retarded.  All I could think was "well of course, she almost starved to death.  no telling how long she was in that condition".
Patrick and I would wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning for the rest of our trip thinking of nothing but N and A.  These 2 babies.  We would love to save them.  I'm hoping we can at least make a difference.  We are working on figuring out how to get the funds to add another caregiver to the orphanage for just these 2.  They would grow and develop so much with just a caregiver for these 2.
I would love to find a mom and dad for both of these kids.  I will be honest though.  It won't be for the faint of heart.  These 2 have physical disabilities.  It's going to take a significant amount of time to rehab them.  Even then, I can't say that they will meet developmental milestones.  I would expect N needs surgery.  Probably more than 1.  His family would need a home that is wheelchair accessible.  They would have to understand the difficulties of raising a child with speech problems.  Its not easy.
I will also say that both of these children deserve a family to protect them.  They need brothers and sisters to depend on.  They need a mom and dad to love them.  They need a future.
I can also guarantee that the family that adopts either of these children will gain far more than they put in.  That family will be better people with lots of faith.  Their kids will show personal growth that no one would believe. Its not an easy road. Its stressful.  Most days you want to pull your hair out.  Alot of those days aren't because of your children but because of all the people who are supposed to be helping you, but really just make your life difficult.
Its a hard road, but it is more than worth it.
Even if I found a family or 2 today for these 2, it would be awhile before they came home.  India is reorganizing their adoption program.  I really think that it will be great for special needs kids once it is up and running.  Unfortunately, they are working on getting started.  There is no program yet to match families with special needs children that are identified.  I'm sure it will come with time.  But for now, these 2 babies that my family is claiming as our own to simply be their protectors (we have no plans to adopt either of them because of circumstances during Varsha's adoption that make it seem unlikely we would be approved for either of them).
I just wanted to fill everyone in a little more on our trip.  Please pray for N and A.  I'll post more later when we have an idea of how much money we need to raise.  I'll be begging for your pennies later.  Maybe begging for a family for them soon.
***If you are interested in more information about these children, you can contact me.  I'll give you what information and impressions I have and forward you to Dillon International who has tons of experience in working with India.***

Sunday, May 13, 2012

By the pool

You Can't take my picture!!!

Are you still trying?

Fine.  Just one.

I said ONE!!
First time in the pool with daddy.

Not sure about this.

I can REALLY splash???

I can kick too?

still loving on daddy

Having fun
This is how she tells us she wants back in

Maybe you misunderstood me.

I said I want to swim more

Come on woman.  I don't have all day.

Gained enough confidence to go in alone.
As you can see, this girl is a trip.  She just ate the biggest pile of french fries.  She wanted to finish my spaghetti too.  We may go swimming again later if it doesn't rain again.  She is doing so good.  I do really hope that the airlines get us 3 seats together.  It really would be best.
Tomorrow we'll go out and do some sightseeing.  Then tuesday hang around and gather our stuff.  I can't believe the trip is almost over.  I knew it would fly by when we finally got here.  Its been a great trip with a great baby.

Friday, May 11, 2012


We are having a great time in India.  Bonding is going well. 
We are getting to know this special princess.
She is unlike our other children.  We are learning about overstimulation and sensory stuff.  Its new territory for us.  We are making it though. 
Quote of the day is "you have to be at the table with us.  we need your mind".
She checks out on us when too much is going on.  We just get her back. 

She is learning simple signs.  Using words with them.  She is starting to get it.  She is very smart.  I think school will go well once we get English.  She is amazing.  We are so happy.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jumble of Thoughts

This trip.
I knew 3 years ago that this adoption was going to change things.  In a huge way.
I was right.
This adoption brought us to Reeces Rainbow.  This adoption has brought us new friends.  This adoption has shown us Project Hopeful.  This adoption brought us to Asharan.  Asharan is changing us.  We've met Niton and Anul.  I've prayed and cried my heart out at the orphanage.  These 2 need a home.  They've stole our heart and they need a home.  A third needs healing.  She is tiny and is sick right now.  I'm praying for her to get strong.  I'd spend everyday there, holding the babies if I could.
Varsha is a doll.  She is hugging and kissing us.  We can tell that she gets nervous with all the changes.  Making her life bigger is making her uncomfortable.  We have to be strong and consistent.  We have to be there in a huge way.
This is a new kind of parenting for us.  We have new medical things to deal with.  This is a different kind of parenting for us.  We will walk this new path and find new friends to walk with us.  Its all good.
Varsha is so smart.  She is picking up signs.  She doesn't know what they mean but she is learning them and through time will learn the meaning.
School will be fun.  She doesn't want to concentrate right now.  We'll give it a few months of laid back bonding and just watching the other kids and then we will start.  I'll figure out how to get her seen at the school for speech therapy like the other kids.  That is what she'll need most.  We'll be doing a lot of the work too. Time is the key.  6 months is my time frame right now.  6 months will be rough adjustment and then we hit our grove.  Mostly it is the first 3 months.  By 6 months last time we were at a foster care meeting.  6 months my focus isn't what's next.  6 months my focus is today.  It is my 4 kids.  Learning english.  Finding everyone's place.  6 months she will be a different child. Until then, we just do the next thing.
I just don't even know what to say about this trip.  It's hard to drive past the shanties and the slums to get to the orphanage.  Its hard to go past them to get to our hotel.
I haven't said much considering all that is on my mind, but this is all I can get out today.  It is a whole lot to process.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Varsha Hope

This girl is something else.  She loves her daddy.  She likes me too.  Gives me hugs.  She likes to be carried.  Boy is she heavy.  Good thing Ananya and Prasun have been keeping us in shape.  Its also nice to have a child who actively holds onto you when you pick her up.  Not something we are used to.  Her orphanage is very nice.  Some adorable babies (including the bigger kids).  If anyone is interested in a 9 year old boy with CP let me know.  He would do fabulous in a family in the US.  I'm sure he could be up and moving in no time.  He is very smart too.  We can't smuggle him out.  He's a bit big to fit in my purse.
I'll update more tonight.  We are visiting again today.  Hoping for some more pictures of Varsha.  She likes to refuse to look at the camera.


Boy it was a long trip here. 
We were delayed in Charlotte for 2 hours.  Then delayed in Newark an hour.  Then Patrick gets the middle seat next to a man who decided the arm rest was all his.  Apparently he thought it was ok to cough in Patrick's face as well.
We were so tired by the time we got here.  The service has been excellent.  They seem to think we are important people or at least that is how we are being treated.  Go figure.  Stay 9 nights and you get wonderful treatment.
Patrick is impressed and we just had breakfast.  I'm content because I had my coffee.  I love coffee.  Especially in India.
Well we are doing a little sight seeing then meeting our girl for the first time today.  This is going to be a good day.  I'll post pictures later.