Trials are not enemies of faith but are opportunities to prove
God's faithfulness. -- Author Unknown

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one
to say 'thank you?' -- William A. Ward

Monday, May 24, 2010


I know I don't keep this blog updated. I'm sorry. My life is crazy most of the time. It would probably help if I let my feelings out here.
I'm going to ask you guys to pray for some of the things (actually children) on my mind.
Please pray for:
-A little boy in NC foster care who is hard to place.
-A little boy in Ethiopia who needs a chance.
-A brother and sister living through a disruption, integrating to a new home.
-2 brothers who will probably be separated if adoptive homes can be found because of their needs.
-A little girl who will soon go through a disruption
-3 sisters waiting for a home so they can finally live together again.
-A little girl born missing parts of her brain and the family that adopted her.
-For a family preparing for an adoption and a funeral... as they pray for a HUGE miracle from God for healing of their new precious baby on the way.
-For me. My heart is broken again almost everyday. I find a new child that needs a home. I know that we can help a child. I pray we can help more. I feel small. Insignificant. The problem is so HUGE. What can I do to help? I pray for direction.
Lord, which way do I go? What steps do I take? Which path is for us?
I don't even know on most days. I'm so confused. I feel a calling, I just wish I knew where that calling was.
Kay Warren named it. I'm GLORIOUSLY RUINED. I am. I mourn for the death of HIV infected people in Africa. I mourn for the orphans it creates. I mourn for the death of the orphans, by starvation or AIDS. I mourn for the loss of innocence and childhood of so many children in America. I mourn for the lost opportunity of so many parents in this country to raise great children. To experience parenthood as I experience parenthood. I mourn everything the world is losing by not taking care of the orphans around the world. I mourn the loss of an entire generation of strong men as leaders because they have no fathers to lead them.
So here I sit in my RUINED (I'm happy to be RUINED) state. I pray that God will push me. Push me in the right direction. I'm laying out my fleece. I'm willing to sacrifice. I willing to give. I'm willing to teach, preach, and lead my children. I'm willing...

A Letter to A Social Worker

Dear Social Worker,
I first must say that I appreciate what you do. I adore that you help families bring children home. It is an important job.
Please understand that all the plans you have for your life are not the same as those plans my family has.
Please understand that my family is not super super special. We are just like you, but we have different goals.
Please realize that just because you can't imagine living my life does not mean it is horribly difficult for my family.
We homeschool. It isn't a horribly draining experience to homeschool. We have bad days. I'm sure you do too.
Lots of families homeschool multiple kids. It isn't impossible. Actually it is quite rewarding.
If you have not lived even a day in my shoes, then you don't know what we go through. If you don't have the desires that my family does (for a large family, to homeschool, to continue to adopt) then you really can't understand. You won't get it.
Please realize that if we aren't starting from the same place, you aren't going to see the world that I see. You aren't going to feel the pain that I feel.
If orphans don't keep you up at night, then you really aren't going to understand.
What I have to ask of you today is to step out. Step away from everything you think is possible and just imagine our vision.
Thank you for your time and dedication to helping build families.
The Phillips