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God's faithfulness. -- Author Unknown

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one
to say 'thank you?' -- William A. Ward

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthday Girl

A little late but better than never.

My Birthday Girl
Dearest Ananya,
My how the last 3 years have gone by in an instant. Now you are 5. That can't be right. Not my baby girl. But you are growing whether your daddy and I are ok with it or not. I marvel every day at the things you accomplish. I've never seen such strength in such a little package.
I hope that you one day you realize how much we love you (it can only come from having children of your own). I can't imagine life without you and don't know what we did without you.
Your smile is infectious. Your therapist will forgive you for making them deaf with your scream with just a smile. Your brothers let you hit them and pull their hair, just because you are Ananya. We won't even discuss how you get away with anything when Daddy is in charge. Even I melt when you say "Momma" or tell me you love me. How can I not melt? It has taken a Herculean effort and lots of time for you to understand how to use your mouth.
I love your passion. For Dora, for music, for books, and for your Daddy. Remember the time you fell off the porch bouncing in excitement because Daddy was home. Didn't even cry, just sat up and started screaming again. I mean really, your Daddy was home.
Now your sitting on the floor reading "10 Little Monkeys" all by your self.
I can't wait to start school with you. We are starting soon. You love to learn new things. The computer is your favorite. I wasn't joking when I told your teachers that if we aren't careful that you would be reading Tolstoy and we wouldn't know that you know how to read. You are so smart and you hide it. Even from me and Daddy.
Ananya, I'm so glad God has blessed us to spend the last 3 birthdays with you. It has been a true gift.
I hope that you will always be strong willed. Grow in faith in God and stand firmly in your beliefs. I hope one day you can be my best friend (after we fight it out during the teen years). You are and always will be a bright light in our house. You show the rest of us true strength and perseverance.
Stay strong baby girl.
Mommy loves you.


Peter and Nancy said...

Happy birthday, beautiful beloved Ananya!
From Nancy & Anya Rashi

Julie & Patrick said...

Happy Birthday Ananya!! Wow, 5 years old all ready!! We love to hear about your beautiful spirited self and are so glad for each post.

Julie R

Anonymous said...

So precious!