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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Call to Help

I just read my Facebook feed and felt the need to post a story here. Hopefully someone other than my "India" momma friends are reading. Hopefully this will find its ways to someone to help.
For a couple of years I've heard about Sarah's Covenant Homes in India. Its something known by most of us Indian adoptive families. It became very real to me recently. See, there is a long list of people who have always wanted to adopt Varsha. The young lady running SCH is no exception. The difference is that when India said "no", God moved. No really,
In huge ways. They house 82 children now. Almost all have some sort of neurological problems. Seizure disorders, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and such. These kids are like my kids. Anyone remember when Ananya came home from India? Anyone remember a 2 year old that couldn't eat because her tongue just did not know how to move liquid? Anyone remember the 16 pound 2 year old who couldn't crawl? These are the kids that she houses. They have lost a few from seizures and other medical problems.
What bothers me is that some of the deaths could be prevented. They desperately need medical equipment. They need training to learn how to use it. Just a portable suction machine could save lives for kids with seizures. Just having mickey buttons for kiddos getting tube feeds could nourish a child. Just having the money could provide a life changing surgery.
My kids get their medical needs met because of health insurance. That isn't the case in India (well you may be able to get insurance, but these kids are orphans. They truly belong to no one :0( except the One that created them" fearfully and wonderfully made"). The medical procedures and medications needed are paid for with cash. That seems crazy by our standards. It isn't though. The cost is so much less than our procedures. A couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. A couple hundred dollars to let a child hear, walk, or to protect them from a life-threatening infection. In the course of a year, I'll bet most people spend that on McD's or Starbucks. I'm not saying you shouldn't have those things. I'm saying that could you please find a way to help. Just a little bit. Even $20 a month by 5 people will add up to $1200. If each person brought 1 more person to help, well then it would add up further.
If you don't think you can give or don't trust the need (BTW she lists a link to her monthly budget on website), then you could go. She needs medical personnel to help train the staff. Infection prevention, basic CPR, how to use new medical equipment, and how to treat life threatening conditions. It would be an awesome trip. India is like nothing else you have ever seen. It is gorgeous and yet poverty is everywhere. The people are hospitable. I have enjoyed both trips greatly and can't wait until we have guardianship and can head back.
If you want to read more about the kids, there is a category for each of the kids on the side bar. I'll warn you though, its addictive. These kids are precious. I just want to bring all of them home. (I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone.) I'll link to one child in particular. Her name is Aloe. She is a tiny, tiny sweety who has multiple medical problems. She is such a fighter. I hope she conquers it all to accomplish great things.
All about Aloe.
The story that sparked my interest completely. My Varsha. Yes that is my baby. She is changing lives all over the globe.

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Sarah said...

Your children are beautiful! My daughter, Lily, and I visited SCH last September...hoping to go back to India again soon!