Trials are not enemies of faith but are opportunities to prove
God's faithfulness. -- Author Unknown

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one
to say 'thank you?' -- William A. Ward

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ANANYA CAN WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ananya finally got it today. She walked all by herself in her walker for the first time. I just had to post the video.


Peter and Nancy said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm standing here at the computer crying tears of happiness for you and Ananya, and all the hard months of work that have gone into this amazing moment. Congratulations on reaching this major milestone! She looks so proud of herself . . . as she should be. :o)
With love,

Peter and Nancy said...

P.S. My sons just watched the video, and Nathan thinks her walker is "really cool."

Kristi W. said...


What an answer to prayer!!!!

Congratulations to sweet Ananya and her amazing mommy!!!

The Labontes said...

That is amazing! I'm so happy for her - and you! I love that she is smiling the whole time. She's knows this is a big deal!!

Happy walking.

Pam said...

Oh Amanda! BAWLING HERE!!!!! What a miracle that is! And that girl knows how important this is. Look at that smile!! WHAT AN AMAZING DAY!!!!

Julie & Patrick said...

All misty, here!!! She is truly an amazing kid, coached by an amazing mama!! That grin from ear to ear is the most beautiful thing I've seen all day!!

Happy Dancing for Ananya today!!

Julie R

ColleenC said...

How truly inspiring!! Great job to both daughter and mama!!!

The Pfeiffer Family said...

That is so great!! Her face shows how happy she is. I love all of your encouraging words and excitement in your voice in this video. Sounds like a very special day indeed!

April :-)