Trials are not enemies of faith but are opportunities to prove
God's faithfulness. -- Author Unknown

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one
to say 'thank you?' -- William A. Ward

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Biltmore Trip

We had a fun day at Biltmore House a few weeks ago.  I loved the trip and Patrick wants to make it a yearly trip.  We just spend the day  wandering around the grounds.  Its great.  I love getting to take pictures there.  The mountains are beautiful.  All the kids did well.  Varsha walked alot.  Anthony ended up carrying her down the stairs in the house because she walks down stairs very slowly.  Its cute to watch him look after her like that.
These 3 are entertaining to say the least.  They play together sometimes.  I'm just happy that Varsha hasn't developed an obsession with the broom yet.  The other 2 fight over it constantly.  We even have 2 and they still fight.
Varsha is doing incredible.  She is opening up more every day.  She gives lots of hugs.  She has 2 favorite words.  Jump and music.  She likes to jump on the mini trampoline while the other 2 have therapy.  She loves to listen to music on my phone.  She uses the sign and the word.  I only showed her the sign once before she used it on me.
We are getting geared up for her birthday tomorrow.  She will be 10.  Her first birthday no longer an orphan.  It is awesome.  We have our meeting with our SW on Sunday for our final post placement.
Well I'm going to run.  Not enough hours in the day.

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Peter and Nancy said...

Happy Birthday (early!) to Varsha!!! What a celebration she will have -- her first with a mom and dad, sister, and brothers!