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Monday, December 8, 2008


I thought since I'm currently on a baking spree, I should share this recipe. I get asked for these things all the time. I've even given them a horrible name and people still ask for "Doody Balls". The name started because we made them for a Halloween Party (which I always have because other peoples kids ask me to). I love to fill the table with strange and gross looking foods. If you make these delicious things you'll understand why I named them this.
Seriously, they are so good. They don't take long at all to make.
You need:
1 pack of Oreos (you could get creative and try one of the varieties.)
1 pack of cream cheese
a food processor
melting chocolates (I use more than 1 color)
What to do:
Put the pack of oreos in the food processor (please remove them from the package). Grind them to a dust. Dump the cream cheese in and blend until it forms a blob. Roll blob into small (bite size) balls. I refrigerate them for a while. Mostly because I hate melting chocolate and always convince my friend to do it for me. Melt the chocolate. Dip the little balls in the chocolate and set on a cookie sheet to dry.
I (well ok my friend) usually decorates them with a second color. Halloween we had green and orange. We did dark chocolate and white chocolate 2 weeks ago. Thats probably what my next batch will be unless the chocolate fairy drops off green and red for me. I hate dragging 3 kids into any store.
The melting chocolate is super easy to use. I get the kind in the craft section. You can do the whole double boiler (boiling water and a glass bowl over the pan) or just microwave the stuff.
This is really easy to do and I guarantee everyone will ask for you to make them again and again. Even when you hand out the recipe 15 million times.

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