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God's faithfulness. -- Author Unknown

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to say 'thank you?' -- William A. Ward

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Preschool Teacher I Am Not!!

So as part of my goals and plans for the kids in place of preschool, I've made a plan of things I need to be doing at home. I've decided we should do some small craft projects. Even just coloring will work. I thought I would make a gift to send to family. Today we had our first experience with fingerpaint. I have 2 pictures to show for it so I guess it was a success. Also no one at the fingerpaint (it was close though). I'm not a teacher and not creative in the least so this is going to be an experience.
I got some video because pictures were not doing it justice.


Pam said...

Oh Amanda,
The video was priceless. I'm so glad you put it up. Adorable!

Sheri said...

I agree..this video is so priceless! Thank you so much!!
BK watch it and couldn't beleive how much Prasun has changed, since seeing him in Oct.

The Labontes said...

Can't watch that without a big grin coming across your face!


Julie & Patrick said...

A smurf!! How darling!! I love how you had everything covered in plastic. Feels like we need to do that to the whole house sometimes! :)

I also love how the video coming to the rescue to avert disaster!!

So fun~
Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

Hey Amanda --

I just caught up on your last couple of posts . . . you are doing an incredible job of juggling three kids and a ton of medical treatments and doctor appointments! Plus, it's a huge leap from 2 to 3 kids, even when you're not dealing with special needs. Just wanted to take a minute to cheer you on . . . you deserve it.
-- Nancy